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At Digicampus, we are passionate about revolutionizing education through innovative digital solutions. As South Africa's first full online-based CAPS curriculum platform, we're dedicated to providing students, parents, and educators with a dynamic learning experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

A few Statistics

12,8 million

The amount of school children in South Africa annually


Number of children dropping out of school without matric


Learners in Grade 4 that cannot read for meaning in any language

29 billion

Annual shortage for infrastructure spend (classrooms, sanitation, water, toilets, new schools and maintenance)


Student dropout rate in their 1st year at university


Daily absenteeism rate of teachers in South Africa


The amount of teachers with adequate proficiency levels


Number of new teachers required annually excluding teachers required for over populated classes

Our Purpose

We believe every child, regardless of circumstances deserves an equal opportunity to learn, grow and become the best they can be.

Our Vision

To empower every learner with accessible, engaging, and comprehensive educational resources, fostering a love for learning and success in the digital age.


A strategic breakaway lead the way to start detailed planning in creating an educational platform to digitize the education ecosystem.


Board decision was approved to start the project of content generation.


Assisted more than 200,000 pupils on WhatsApp and Telegram during COVID. Completed 11,600 video classes using 176 teachers across the country.


Expanded the video classes to include class notes, class tests and automated quizzes. The launch of a chatbot to assist learners.


Classes provided free of charge to all learners. Improvements implemented on the digital platform. Launch of dedicated tutors to learners in all 9 provinces.


Consolidated our digital platform into one ecosystem. Launch of a digital library and extending tutoring reach to schools and learners.

Our Company Statistics


Learners Supported


Unique Support Connections


Schools Reached


All Provinces in South Africa

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